tree surgery Bourg St Maurice

Tree surgery

Tree surgery may not be essential, trees don’t need men to live but on the other side i’m not sure we can say the same…

What a pleasure to have trees in his own garden, but what a job to keep it clean.

Tree Surgery

Specialist of trees, Des Cordes à Mon Arbre offers you to come to your place, have a chat, give you some advises and do the job.

Tree-climber certified, I work on rope to access everywhere into the tree, in the respect of the tree and the environment.

If you need tree pruning, tree lopping, fruits tree pruning in Tarentaise, Bourg St Maurice call me.

07 84 91 7777


Elagage à Aime et Bourg Saint Maurice, Tarentaise. Arboriste-grimpeur spécialiste de vos arbres. 07 84 91 7777